There are no exceptions to the expectations listed below. Please ensure your entire party is aware of our rules.  If one member of your party wishes not to comply with our expectations this could result in the entire experience being canceled.

1. Anyone clearly intoxicated will be refused entry and no refund will be issued.

2. You must be in proper attire! Closed toe shoes, long sleeve shirts and pants. Based on size and availability we may have items on site. 

3. Only 2 people in a room at any one time max. Our large Smash Room is the only room that will accommodate 2 people. You may be able to purchase an upgrade if the space is available.

4. Every participant must sign a wavier or have a legal guardian sign a wavier for our youth participants.

5. You must break your items in the direction indicated by our site staff.

6. Do not intentionally damage walls. If damage is intentional you will be responsible for repairs.

7. Do not throw your destruction weapon.

8. You must wear saftey equipment the entire time you are in the Smash Room. This also applies if your partner is the one breaking the items.

9. Be mindful of where you are in relation to the walls and your smashing partner. 

10. No outside food or drink unless you are renting the entire facility for a private party.